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Hurricane Florence barrels toward US as South Carolina orders evacuation of entire coast our thoughts and prayers are with all those who may be impacted. Please keep these home and business owners in mind as they face the challenges that such a storm may bring.
Those who live in locations often affected by severe weather are typically knowledgeable about, and hopefully well-prepared for dealing with such events, but if you are seeking additional information about hurricane preparedness, visit this link: are some emergency tips for Real Property Management  to keep in mind to be best prepared for an emergency – whether that emergency be a storm that is on its way or an unanticipated fire or burglary at your office.

We wish the very best for all who are in the path of this hurricane and resulting heavy rain, flooding and strong winds. Please review the tips below to ensure that your business will be in the best shape to recover from any emergency:

Make a reliable emergency response plan
To protect your family and pets, you should know all the proper evacuation routes and make sure everyone else is informed as well. It is recommended to post escape routes and plans throughout the building and keep emergency phone numbers readily available. It is absolutely crucial to have pet carriers readily available so that you can grab your furry loved ones and make sure they are safe during a terrible storm as well!!!

Create a survival kit    
Everyone should have a survival kit with disaster-ready items, such as a flashlight, plastic sheeting, garbage bags, etc. Consider storing a digital camera as well to take photos of the property damage for your insurance company. It is also recommended to have enough food and water for at least 5 days! If electricity is lost you can prepare a head of time with filling the bathtubs with water and the washing machine with ice to keep food cold!

Ensure that you have enough insurance coverage
Before a natural disaster is given the opportunity to blow your home away, make sure to review your insurance policies. While the owner of the property has insurance on the structure itself, make sure that all of your personal belongings are covered and accounted for in case of flood or natural disaster or storm! If you need help finding a great renters insurance policy information – contact me. I am happy to help connect you!

Back-up all your electronic data or have really important documents with you in an easy to grab place!
With the threat of homes being destroyed make sure that all your electronic files and data are backed up to a cloud and saved.  It is recommended to save all your files—including the last few years of taxes—at least two times and store one in a waterproof container, and the other on a cloud. Make sure that you have a waterproof folder – we recommend a locked box with a combination to protect your data – of all your important documents such as birth and death certificates, social security cards, pension information, insurance policy information, and any other really important documentation.

Determine a communication strategy
Plan a strategic and efficient way to communicate with family, loved ones, and us while operations are down. Also, make sure everyone understands their communication responsibilities. For example, who is going to be responsible for contacting the insurance company? Or who will contact clients to update them? Communication is key during hurricanes and high stress weather events!

Consider temporary relocation if needed
If you can’t get into your office, how do you continue business operations? Think about another location that you may work at if disaster strikes.

Finally, and most importantly, please make your families and your loved ones are your top priority. If you must evacuate – we understand and right behind you! Please let us know when you return if there are any issues that need addressed right away. Understand that all the insurance companies are preparing as well. We will do our best to make sure everything can resume to normal as soon as humanly possible! 

Keisha Bromell
Property Manager in Charge
Real Property Management Columbia

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