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Get a FREE rental analysis of your property. Start here!

Get a FREE rental analysis of your property. Start here!

Increase your return on investment with your Rental Property.

Columbia Property Owners who have or have not used a property management company previously, quickly learn the value of hiring the experts in the industry such as us here at Real Property Management. Here is why:

Be Proactive with your Property!

Managing your Rental Home is more than simply paying a property manager to collect rent. At Real Property Management Columbia we want to help you accomplish your goal by protecting your investment and helping you achieve the greatest return.

Our teams of experts gather data from current market trends and predictions to determine the correct price point for your rental home in the Columbia area. We also take pride in helping to educate you on the best options for improvements to garner the highest rent and attract qualified tenants who will take care of your investment.

Our thorough property evaluations take place often enough that tenants ensure care of the property and lease compliance, while providing you photos so you that you can the condition first hand.

Lastly, we can save you time and expenses with our cost-effective in house maintenance system and use of our exclusive preferred vendor network. We are able to handle tenant maintenance requests 24/7 to prevent emergencies or unexpected large expenses. Our on call technician can respond immediately in the middle of the night so you don’t have to. Giving you peace of mind for those unfortunate circumstances. In the case of an emergency or loss, we work closely with your insurance agency to ensure your out of pocket expenses are limited as much as possible.

The value of your property is not just important while it is a rental but for the long-term appreciation of the property.

Highly qualified tenants and reduced vacancy time!

Every day that your rental home is vacant, it is costing you money. Real Property Management Columbia spends thousands of dollars each month on advertising vacancies to reduce vacancy time drastically.

Another costly mistake is placing an unqualified tenant into your home. The average cost of that mistake is 4 to 6 times the amount of monthly rent. Our thorough screening process to help find you the highest qualified tenant to ensure rent is paid on time and the tenants will treat your property as if it was their own. Our detailed process includes a full credit, criminal, eviction, and judgment checks, rental history verification, employment verification, character references, and pet references if applicable using a systematic business approach.

In the unfortunate event that an eviction or collection efforts are necessary, our efficient, effective and automated system ensures the completion of that process as quickly as possible all while maintaining South Carolina tenant and housing laws are abided by to ensure no technicalities are overlooked.

The Real Property Management Value

  • 25+ years of industry experience
  • North America’s largest
    property management company
  • 250+ locations in over 46 states
  • Local Columbia expertise
    backed by nationwide support

Trusted by tens of thousands
of property owners nationwide